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For many people, deciding what to do with their beloved pet's remains is very emotional. This is a decision that is best made in advance, if possible, when you have more time to consider and explore your options. You can talk with family members and even friends for support and help in making your decision. 

Options include:

  • Individual cremation with ash return - I can arrange for your beloved friend to be cremated individually at The Pet Loss Center. The ashes will be returned to you in a Cherry box or you can choose a more personal urn from their website. You can then choose to use the ashes in jewelry or glass art, bury them, use them to help grow a memorial bush or tree, or honor your friend in many other ways through their ashes.

  • Communal cremation - if ash return is not an important part of the memorial process for you and your family, your friend can be cremated along with other pet parents' much loved friends and their ashes will be spread at a special site in Dallas that belongs to the Pet Loss Center.

  • Burial - if you have access to a site where you are able to bury your furry baby, this is always an option to you after euthanasia. Unfortunately at this time, I do not know of any available pet cemeteries in the San Antonio area. However, this is something that I am investigating.

  • You can always make arrangements for cremation through your family veterinarian or directly with one of the several crematories here in San Antonio.

The Pet Loss Center of Austin also offers memorial services and cremation viewing at their funeral home in Austin. Please see their website or call them for further information and details. Also see our memorials page for other ideas on memorializing your beloved pet after their passing.