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The goal of my practice is to make euthanasia as peaceful and painfree as possible for both pet parents and their beloved friends. Pet parents generally find the procedure less stressful if they know in advance exactly what is going to take place.  You are welcome to read about the experience below or you can call me and we can talk over the phone about what exactly is going to take place at the time of the euthanasia. If you have specific questions or concerns about your pet and whether this is the right time, we can schedule a private, in-home consultation and physical exam for your pet to talk about your family's specific situation and needs. You can also consult the resources section of this website for help in making decisions about your friend's quality of life. 

euthanasia at home

  • After arriving at your home, we can go over any details of the procedure that you feel uncertain about or special requests you have.

  • We can then select a site you would prefer for the euthanasia to take place. This can be indoors, outdoors, on the floor, on the bed. Anywhere that you and your baby are comfortable.

  • If you would like to provide a special blanket to lay under your pet you can, if not, I will have a blanket with me that we can wrap your special friend in.

  • If you have family, friends or other pets that you would like to be with you, they are welcome to attend as well.

  • When you are ready, I will give your beloved pet a sedative injection under the skin that will take effect over 10-20 minutes. During that time you can sit quietly with your furry baby, talk to them, or anything else that seems appropriate to you.

  • When the sedative has taken effect and you feel you are ready, I will give the final injection to put your beloved friend to rest. This injection takes only a few seconds at which time I will listen to your pet's heart and let you know when they have passed away.


  • After your friend's passing, you can take as much time as you need to say your final good-byes

  • If you have elected for cremation services, I will gently load your friend in my car

  • Unless you state otherwise, you will receive a pawprint and a lock of hair from your baby so that you have a memory to forever remind you of your special friend. See our memorials page for other ideas to help you remember your furry friend.

things you do not need to do before i arrive

  • DO NOT clean your house. I have raised 5 children and have had dogs, cats and birds running or flying through my house for the past 30 years. My house is rarely clean and I don't expect yours to be either.

  • DO NOT feel guilty. You have made the best decision you could make for you baby. You made that decision out of love. It is the same decision you would have wanted them to make for you if the situation was reversed. So please do not waste your time feeling guilty. Just spend your time loving your baby in their last precious moments before sending them over the Rainbow Bridge.